January 12, 2020


How do you dispose of wind turbines? Currently, there are two common disposal methods for turbine blades: landfill or leaving the liability orphaned on site. It is estimated that more than 907,000 tonnes (1,000,000 tons) of blade material will be disposed of over the next 20 years.

Fragments of wind turbine blades await burial at the Casper Regional Landfill in Wyoming.
Photographer: Benjamin Rasmussen for Bloomberg Green

SUNSET Renewable Asset Management Inc. offers cost effective early loss and end-of-life solutions to keep your waste materials out of landfills and repurpose them into a circular economy. We are working with industry, academia, and government to develop advanced deconstruction methods and separation of the various components of a wind turbine. Our aim is to do this cheaper than landfill options, regardless of site location, and provide you with a certificate showing responsible elimination of your liabilities.

We also provide consultancy for developers and stakeholders to implement best management practices in order to mitigate and manage site infrastructure/waste materials during permitting, construction, repowering, and EOL phases of renewable energy facilities.

Are you ready to take the first step towards ensuring your renewable energy facility supports a circular economy?

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