January 1, 2019


SUNSET Renewable Asset Management Inc. is a diverse network of industry experts, academia, and partnerships working to develop and commercialize the technology and processes required to turn wind, solar, and storage waste material from a liability into products of value on an economic and industrial scale.

Sustainability for the renewable energy industry is essential to the long term health and well being of our society, environment, and the resilient recovery of our economy post COVID-19. An industrial solution to manage early loss and end-of life materials into a circular economy for the renewables sector positively affects many stakeholders throughout Canada and internationally.


To provide the renewable energy industry with advanced solutions to manage early loss and end-of-life waste material, supporting a sustainable circular economy.


Facilitate a clean, healthy, and well protected environment supporting a sustainable society and resilient economy by mitigating the ecological footprint of renewable energy systems through environmental stewardship.


A commitment to promote sustainable development goals wherever possible to educate, innovate, partner, and implement sustainable solutions specific to the renewable energy industry (Solar, Wind, Energy Storage).

  • Asset Owners
  • Developers
  • Manufacturers
  • Operations and Maintenance Contractors
  • Engineering Procurement Contractors
  • Installers
  • Insurance Providers
  • Academia
  • Government
  • Industry Associations

As our world enters the age of electrification with the rapid deployment of renewable solar, wind and energy storage systems, SUNSET is developing technologies and processes to encourage sustainable and circular solutions within the green energy industry.