Sustainable Solutions For A Circular Economy in Renewable Energy

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SUNSET Renewable Asset Management Inc. is a sustainable solutions company with a focus on circular economy for the renewable energy industry. We offer innovative processes and advanced technologies to manage early loss & end-of-life waste materials for wind, solar, and energy storage liabilities throughout Canada and internationally. Our vision is to facilitate a clean, healthy, and well protected environment supporting a sustainable society and resilient economy by mitigating the ecological footprint of renewable energy systems through environmental stewardship.

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We offer sustainable solutions for decommissioning renewable energy facility assets. Contact us to find out how we can help manage your early loss and end-of-life materials.

Applied Research &
Strategic Advisory Team

Our applied research strategy involves working in tandem with the following prestigious academic institutions to provide the renewable energy industry with advanced solutions for managing early loss and end-of-life materials. With a diverse network of industry experts, academia, and partnerships, we are working to develop and commercialize the technology and processes required to turn solar, wind, and storage waste material from a liability into products of value on an economic and industrial scale.

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