January 12, 2020


A key component to the success of wind and solar energy technologies is energy storage. However, batteries are potentially hazardous if not managed and disposed of properly.

Depending on the construction of the battery, several hazardous materials may be found as components that could cause adverse environmental impacts if they escape containment of the battery housing, including:

  • acid
  • lead
  • nickel
  • lithium
  • cadmium
  • alkaline
  • mercury
  • nickel metal hydride

These battery systems need to be monitored closely and require maintenance. If neglected they can reach their end-of-life much sooner than anticipated.

SUNSET Renewable Asset Management Inc. offers cost effective early loss and end-of-life solutions to keep your waste materials out of landfills and repurpose them into a circular economy.

We also provide consultancy for developers and stakeholders to implement best management practices in order to mitigate and manage site infrastructure/waste materials during permitting, construction, repowering, and EOL phases of renewable energy facilities.

Are you ready to take the first step towards ensuring your renewable energy facility supports a circular economy?

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